Welcome to ServiOzono, a company dedicated to the distribution of ozone generating equipment with industrial technology.

In summary, it is of great interest to note that ozone generators are manufactured with the most advanced technology.

They are very beneficial as household appliances, since as we will see later, can bring great solutions to the domestic and also business.

ServiOzono, as part of a corporate group concerned in the continuous technological progress, it always keeps at the forefront of the industry, leading to where the Ozone is essential.

The machines ServiOzono are designed and manufactured for a long duration when the more demanding your job is, bringing all of his productive capacity far beyond what any other brand to be able to resist. ServiOzono applied engineering solutions and environmental hygiene, health-care, improving productive performance and economic.

ServiOzono is the exclusive distributor of Top Ozone S. l, a Spanish manufacturer which has a department of engineering, the components used are manufactured are not assembled, but they are made for each unit, leading to a longer useful life at the time.

Purify the Air
Recommended for shops, offices, and homes
Use of ozone in air as a surface disinfectant.
Eliminates Odors
And air pollutants, dust, pollen and mites.
Water quality
Improve the water quality and higienizan the food.
Homes Clean
It has benefits for the health of the people.
The air that surrounds us, thanks to its process of ozonolysis
Cleans Surfaces
The walls and surfaces, and get better results.
Improves Health
Get rid of skin imperfections and small wounds.

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Since we started our services, ServiOzono has earned the trust companies, businesses and individuals. so day by day we will be adding to our portfolio of clients.

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In ServiOzono we work to improve the well-being of you and your family.

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Our machines are designed and manufactured using industrial components to extend its useful life.

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