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Machines of Ozone

Machines of Ozone


¡Benefits of OZONE!

Purify the Air
Recommended for shops, offices, and homes.
Use of ozone in air as a surface disinfectant.
Eliminates Odors
And air pollutants, dust, pollen and mites.
Water quality
Improve the water quality and higienizan the food.
Homes Clean
It has benefits for the health of the people.
The air that surrounds us, thanks to its process of ozonolysis
Cleans Surfaces
The walls and surfaces, and get better results.
Improves Health
Get rid of skin imperfections and small wounds.

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    Satisfied Customers
    Positive Testimonials

    Alberto Diaz


    Thanks to ServiOzono, the spaces of my dental center are sanitized, as well as feel and breathe cleaner air.

    Katy Moon

    The mother of the Family

    Now I do the cleaning of my home with the ozonated water, the soil, the walls and surfaces. 100% Recommended.

    Maria Vera

    Ger. Restaurant

    Improve water quality for the production of our food, and the same goes with the air of the environment.

    Juan Aguilar


    Purify the environment, with these devices eliminates the pollution of the air that surrounds us, thanks to your process ozonolysis.

    What is a
    Ozone generator?

    An ozone generator is the one device or equipment that produces ozone gas by a generator which is connected to an electric current, producing a very high stress known as the “effect " crown” that is the one that gets to deliver as many negative ions as ozone.

    Ozone generators disinfect any environment, water and removes bad odors

    And is that the ozone is a gas that helps to keep any stay sanitized and free of any type of pollutants, such as for example viruses, bacteria, fungi, or germs, as it features a great disinfectant.

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    Why is it necessary to
    an Ozone Generator

    These devices disinfect any environment where they are placed at the same time to remove bad odors.

    Purifies the air
    Disinfects spaces
    Decontaminates the water


    Our machines are designed and manufactured using industrial components to extend its useful life.

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