Generator DB 4000 BC Commercial

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Generador DB- 4000-AC-Comercial

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Ozonizers of oak barrels

The teams incorporate reactor ozone industrial manufactured in stainless steel., internal compressor and Timer Cyclic digital. Provide outputs for 3 barrels. They are portable, mounted on a cart for easy transportation. Also allow you to perform treatments ambient Ozone in air conditioning, in groups of cooling chambers for food or extraction systems.

We have two models, the Commercial and the Industrial model. The Industrial model is a professional system that provides greater working pressure and penetrates effectively the inner pore of the wood, something that we would manage to clean the surface.



Designed for the treatment of the interior of the barrels of oak, are machines of high performance and reliability.

A professional system for controlling pollution and extend the life of the barrels. It acts on the bacterial growth, deposits of bitartratos, the TCA, the yeast, the oxygenation capacity of the wood (to oxidize the organic matter, which cover the pore of the wood) and the contribution of substances that are pleasant to the same.

In the gaseous state, depending on the pressure, the Ozone penetrates into the pores of the wood so deep. Depending on the size and state of the barrel, the treatment will culminate in periods of 5 to 10 minutes for new barrels and a little more for old barrels.

Our machines are manufactured with robust components industrial european, very reliable and durable.

The generators of Top Ozone do not produce aluminum, very toxic heavy metal, as it does not use reactors ceramic but made of stainless steel.

With this laptop, which is designed to be able to ozonizar 3 barrels at the same time, you will be able to cover the demand of small wineries.



Solutions of ozone to the sector vintner

The sanitation and disinfection, especially in the cellars, the tanks and the barrels where they are going to keep this wine is a crucial element of getting a quality product. In the cellars there are some essential conditions, such as the degree of humidity and poor ventilation, that we created a few potential enemies, which can negatively affect the quality of the wine. This are bacteria, molds, germs, yeasts, etc

Ozone, being the disinfectant most powerful that exists after the fluoride, it helps us to eliminate the bactericidal agents in its entirety. It is completely natural and does not leave toxic residue to remove. Therefore, the application of Ozone optimizes the production of wine and reduce the costs of sanitation in all process, being present and for its natural characteristics, the best system for the disinfection.

Disadvantages of the usual process of cleaning barrels

-Not get a complete disinfection.
-There is more waiting time in the process.
-Use of a large amount of water for the rinses of the products used.
-Generates waste pollutants to the environment.
-Sanitation is deficient in the interior, as the oak barrels has a porous structure and a difficult access to a sanitation optimal.
-The oak undergoes a large deterioration due to chemical products, envejeciéndose prematurely the barrels.

The useful life of the barrels will be between 4 and 5 years. After this time, no longer brings the aromatic compounds, or the ability of oxygenation necessary for the obtaining of a good wine. This results in a higher economic, as it forces you to renew the endowment of barrels every 4 or 5 years. The deterioration suffered by the barrels implies an annual cost of 10% of the total number of barrels in the cellar.

Advantages of using ozone in the cleaning of barrels

-The effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization is set between 95% and 97%. By applying the times and concentrations of Ozone appropriate, a minimum time of 15 to 20 minutes, or without a time limit, is totally eliminated the TCA, molds, whole bacteria, contaminant yeasts, such as brettanomyces, bacteria acéticas, lactic acid bacteria, and any other foreign substance to the own composition of the wood, and returned to its state almost initial, releasing the porous structure by breaking molecular and enabling the re micro-oxidation, since the Ozone in the gaseous state fully penetrates all the wooden structures of the barrel and works where other chemical compounds can not reach, leaving the barrel, in this way, free of odors and flavors of other disinfectants.
-It avoids the modification of the bouquet that is produced by the bacterial development.
-Lengthening of the useful life of the barrel. The breaking of the structure that makes up the micro-pore of the same, this goes back to breathe, allowing, in this way, the wood holding all the qualities to the wine., By not having to replace the barrels with much frequency, will eventually lead to an economic saving, even to be in the order of up to 800% per year.
-Saving water and energy
-Elimination of chemicals.
-Does not produce polluting discharges.
-To prolong the life of the barrel is reduced by the felling of trees, favoring the environment.



Other treatments with Ozone in the cellars

-Oxygenates and purifies the air inside the cellar, creating a pleasant atmosphere and disinfected, improving the rate of absenteeism.
-Eliminates the TCA of the corks stored.
-Disinfection of the areas of packaging, bottles, etc, thus avoiding the contamination of indirect production.
-Disinfection of deposits of cement and stainless steel.


Technical characteristics



mg/h max.

DB-4000-AC COMMERCIAL Stainless steel. 160 W 65 x 41 x 25 cm 10 Kg 4000 mg/h
DB-4000-AC INDUSTRIAL Stainless steel. 160 W 65 x 41 x 25 cm 10 Kg 4000 mg/h


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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 100 × 70 × 50 cm

    Our machines are designed and manufactured using industrial components to extend its useful life.

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