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Generator-GO-8000 HIGH-POT

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Ozonizers semi-industrial chute

These models are fixed (not portable), that can be installed wall type when you have mounting brackets. Box with frotisas and the air inlet of a large size. Incorporate a digital timer Cyclic for the control of the production, all the electronics is protected by a seal with resin and mounted the characteristic reactors made of stainless steel Top Ozone, high strength, durability and reliability.

These teams are the best choice for ducts.

Its function is to inject Ozone in ventilation ducts. These teams produce large amounts of Ozone (we have teams from 4 GR./h up to 48 GR./h) and are designed and manufactured to be used with different purposes.

The generators of Top Ozone do not produce aluminum, very toxic heavy metal, as they do not employ reactors ceramic but made of stainless steel.


These Ozone generators, allow you to:

-Completely remove all kinds of odors, whatever its origin.
-Disinfect the environment, removing viruses, bacteria and dust mites.
-Get a complete sterilization of places with poor ventilation.
-Reduce symptoms for people with asthma and allergies of all kinds.
-To obtain an air quality to be very beneficial for the health.
-Installed in places of work, drastically reduces the possibility of contagion between people of the influenza a virus (a reduction of sick days)
These Ozone generators are ideal to be used in:
-Duct of air-conditioning of buildings.
-Hoods of air (kitchens, manufacturing processes, extractions in polluted environments, large volumes of air)
-Shock treatment, industrial (for example, in silos)


Turbine and turbine, high pressure

Output for connection to a tube of 100 mm Turbines have a flow rate of 460 m3/h. The Turbines High Pressure (BP) are used for pipe lengths up to 10 meters or for rooms with positive pressure. Depending on the application to be given to the team, you will provide a turbine with flow characteristics and pressure appropriate to the installation.

The regulation is performed by a digital timer.

Application in cameras for food storage

Install the Ozone generator as close as possible to the camera's storage, and never in the interior. Through a hole drilled in the chamber, the conduit for injecting Ozone. In the chambers of large size can be installed in a distribution tube inside so as to ensure a better distribution of Ozone throughout its volume.


Elimination of odors in air extraction systems

In hoods is injected Ozone directly into the interior of the fireplace of expulsion. Greater the length of the chimney, the greater will be the effectiveness of the oxidation of the substances generating bad odors.



Application in ducts of air-conditioning

Install the Ozone generator as close as possible to the duct distribution to pour the air ozonated inside, always after the turbine driving. The Ozone generator should be operated only when the circuit work of air, being able to feed in parallel with the motor of the turbine. In this way we ensure that only Ozone is generated when there is a flow of air to be able to share it.



Technical characteristics


POWER230 V 50 HZ
DIMENSIONS65 x 45 x 25

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Weight32 kg
Dimensions80 × 50 × 40 cm

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